1) Many convicted (publicly/execute) ... on Tower Hill.
   a)had been publicly executed
   b) -
   c) were publicly executed

2) At the time when it was a prison a lot of people ( lock) ... in the Tower for their religious beliefs or suspected treason.
   a) were locked
   b) had been locked
   c) were lockted

3)Anne Boleyn,Sir Walter Raigh and Elizabeth the First ( shut up) ... there,too.
  a) shut
  b)were shuted
  c) were shut

4)The collection of the Crown Jewels ( keep)... Saint Edward`s Crown in it.
  a) keeps
  b) has kept
  c) is kepted

5) Spies (imprison)... in the Tower during both World Wars.
   a) were imprisoned
   b) have been imprisoned
   c) -

6) Saint Edward`s Crown ( use)... for the coronation ceremonies.
   a) is used
   b) has used
   c) would be used

7) The Tower of London ( build) ...by William the Conqueror in 1078 as a castle and palace.
   a) was built
   b) built

8) The Jewel House ( situate)... at the Tower.
   a) was situated
   b) is situated
   c) has been situated

9) Some of the prisoners ( allow)... to walk in the grounds,live in comfortable rooms and receive visitors.
   a)could allow
   b) were allowed
   c) had been allowed

10) The Imperial State Crown,and the royal sceptre (guard)... there.
   a) are guarded
   b) have guarded
   c) are being guarded

11) They ( behead)...with the block and axe.
   a) were behead
   b) were beheaded
   c) were being beheaded

12) In 1671 a daring attempt (made)... to steal the Crown Jewels by a man named Captain Blood.
    a) had been made
    b) was made
    c) was being made

13) Since that time it(expand)... to its present size.
     a) was expanded
     b) has been expanded
     c) expanded

14) It ( use)... as an armoury,a zoo,a royal mint,a prison,and a museum.
     a) used to be
     b) has been used
     c) was used

Мой не любимый Пасивный залог ><
Мои ответы:
1 с
3 с
6 а
7 а
9 b
10 a
11 b
12 b
13 b
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