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Hello, my dear ...

As you know, all people are born on this planet in order to find happiness in love. There is nothing better than to go through life hand in hand with the person you given by destiny.

To find each other among the millions of thousands of people crossing the street, and not to lose it's a great gift and I thank life for it! Perhaps our search is over? I'll do anything to never lose my love.

I believe that fate brought us together. I can be your support and inspiration, and you, in turn, my muse, and sense of life. I'll follow you into the fire and into the water! I will wholeheartedly catch every breath you take, every smile.

I'm not perfect, but I'll try to do my best. Nobody's perfect and I'm realizing it, I can forgive. I believe that a clean and bright love is possible. Our lives are in our hands. And we can be happy if we'll make a step to each other.

I dream of creating strong and happy family, which grow up wonderful children. We will meet, no matter how far we live. And our dreams will come true, I promise it.

Yours ever,...
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